PVC/ UPVC/ CPVC Solvent Cement

Shree Hardeo Industries Ltd is involved in the manufacture, distribution and export of PVC, CPVC and UPVC solvent cement for joining pipes and fittings used for varied applications. These solvent cements can be used to join uPVC pipes, SWR Pipes, uPVC Column Pipes, Rigid Agricultural Pipes and Casing Pipes. Solvent Cements are recommended for all applications in which Vertex range of uPVC Pipes are used due to their versatility and ease of use. The formulations and mixtures  meet  the strength specifications for all classes and schedules of plumbing solutions offered by Vertex brand. They are fortified to have high adhesive properties and form strong bonds with the surface of PVC pipes with themselves and other pipes and fittings. Solvent Cements are resistant to hot and cold water. They are able to withstand shearing action and high pressure due to flow of liquids. They are always used by our customers as a part of our Vertex uPVC plumbing solutions, especially for installation of larger heavy duty pipes.