SWR PIPES & Fittings

swr-drainage-fittings-500x500We are manufacturing isi swr pipes whose sockets are grooved with rubber ring type fittments and available in standard lengths of 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet , 6 feet, 3mtr & 6mtr with single and double socketed ends to meet various demands of customers.

In vertex always quality comes first so swr pipes are manufactured in 3 types of qualities which are generally known as ISI type A ( 4kg/cm2 ) , ISI type B (6kg/cm2) , and eco type ( 2.5kgcm/2) in sizes of 75mm,110mm,160mm.

Vertex SWR fittngs are manufactured under strict quality control & we are using  advanced collapsible german technology due to which our SWR fittings are leak & drip free.

Pipes conforms to IS 13592:92 and fittings conforms to IS 14735:99 and are made as per international standards.

Type of Raw Material

The swr pipes PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) compound used in the manufacture of pipes.. The compound contains specified amounts of pigment, stabilizers and other additives to facilitate extrusion.

  • High quality standards and wide range
    • SWR Pipe are available from 75MM to 160mm & SWR Fittings from 75MM & 110MM. Pipes conforms to IS 13592:92 and fittings conforms to IS 14735:99 and are made to international standards. Unique Advanced Collapsible German Technology due to which our SWR Fittings are most suitable to be used in combination with Type B pipes for high-rise buildings. The system consists of pipes and wide range of fittings with various traps, which makes the system complete in all respect and hence customer need not to depend on conventional system.
  • Stronger and Long Lasting
    • This system is highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile strength and high impact strength. Moreover it is free from problems caused by scale formation, rusting, weathering and chemical action, and hence lasts for lifetime.
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
    • Being non-metallic, this system is completely free from corrosion and offers very good resistance to wide range of chemicals.
  • UV resistance
    • which eliminates the adverse effect of sunlight and weather and can therefore be safely used for outdoor installations.
  • Quick and convenient installation
    • Being extremely light in weight and provided with special rubber jointing technique, installation of this system becomes much easier.
  • Quick and efficient removal of waste without leakage
    • Superior flow characteristics are ensured by the mirror smooth, restriction free inner surface of pipes and fittings, thus the system is free from problems of clogging and drain choke-up. System is completely leak-proof and designed to maintain high standards of hygiene.
  • Least maintenance
    • Once installed VERTEX S.W.R. drainage system needs no maintenance.
  • Cost Effective
    • VERTEX S.W.R. drainage system is more cost effective than any conventional drainage system.

SWR Pipes and Fittings

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and trading SWR Pipes and Fittings. This fittings and pies are available in several designs, diameters, shaped and lengths. These fittings and pies are used heavily in industrial and domestic sectors. From potable water supply to drainage to water storage, everywhere these types of pipes and fittings are used. These fittings and pipes are manufactured by our deft professionals using optimal quality metal alloys and sophisticated techniques. Apart from this, clients can provided their specifics requirement for the products so that they get the desired products according to their requirements.


  • High tensile strength
  • Robust construction
  • Resistant to abrasion

SWR Drainage, Pipes & Fittings FITTINGS

We are the renowned manufacturer, supplier and trader of SWR Drainage, Pipes & Fittings in the domain. These fittings are made obtainable for clients in a variety of lengths, diameters and finishes. The provided fittings are manufactured by our seasoned professionals using optimal quality metal alloys and ultramodern techniques. Ideal for installation in air conditioners for efficient heat transfer, these fittings can be purchased from us at the most competitive prices. Esteemed for hassle-free installation and corrosion resistance nature, the provided fittings are widely demanded to install in different kinds of air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipments.


  • Rugged design
  • Robust construction
  • Corrosion resistance






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