UPVC Column Pipes

pricelistimg-01Shree Hardeo Industries is a renowned manufacturer of unplasticised PVC pipes, a reliable replacement for galvanized steel pipes in column applications under the brand name of VERTEX. Our unique combination of design, technology and high quality promise high performance and long life the column systems.These pipes are uniquely designed and tested to withstand the load associated with submersible pumps and the weight of water and pipes. The special formulation used in the manufacture has dual functions. It is able to deliver the hydrostatic pressure from the pump and the load of the column filled with water. The design ensures unique internal finish to minimise loss due to friction, saving the pumping costs.

  • Unique design
    • The pipes have unique internal square threads which have high load bearing capacity and resistance to shock and jerk loading during operation.
  • Resistance to deterioration
    • The threads are free from corrosion and rust and guarantee long life free from any form of deterioration. They are also resistant to acidic and alkaline chemicals.
  • High performance
    • The PVC material is free from corrosion giving a smooth internal surface and reduced friction. This allows free flow for greater water discharge upto 30%.
  • Low maintenance
    • The lightweight, easy handling and installation gives Vertex Pipes supremacy over competitors.
  • Accessories
    • The accessories provided with the column pipes ensure leak proof joints and fittings to avoid losses during high pressure operations.
  • Fire and Thermal resistant
    • The material is resistant to fire, electricity and has low thermal conductivity.
  • Economical
    • In comparison to conventional G.I and C.I systems, the column pipes cost less and provide long life and performance.

Our uPVC column Pipes have been successfully used in following applications

  • Agricultural Pumpset, Suction and Delivery Pipes
  • Portable Water Supply Schemes
  • Lift and Gravity Irrigation Systems
  • Domestic and Industrial Plumbing
  • Chemical Transportation
  • Horticulture and GreenHouse Technology

VERTEX upvc column pipes chhattisgarhs largest selling uPVC column pipes.
vertex uPVC column pipes are available in over INDIA.
More than 40,00,000 borewell pumps have been installed across the INDIA using VERTEX UPVC Column Pipes.