UPVC PIPES & Fittings

Vertex high pressure uPVC solvent weld plumbing system is the most suitable, easy and economical solution for distribution of potable water. It is technically superior, cost effective and offers many advantages over conventional G.I. piping system. This system is very easy to install and functionally most suitable for all plumbing applications. Apart from more than 40 – 50% cheaper to G.I. piping system, it has many more years of service life. This hygienic system is endowed with many good features and hence approved by cghb. It is a value added long term plumbing solution for building industry.

Type of Raw Material

The rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) compound used in the manufacture of pipes and fittings.. The compound contains specified amounts of pigment, stabilizers and other additives to facilitate extrusion.

Product specifications

The system is made as per ASTM (American Society for Testing of Materials) standards. The pipes are made as perASTM D-1785 and fittings are made as per ASTM D 2467 (for SCH 80 fittings). The pipes are plain ended in 3 meters lengths, in SCH 40 and SCH 80 pressure class. The complete fitting range is available in SCH 80. The UPVC pipes are available in 15 to 100mm in SCH 40 & SCH 80 WHILE UPVC FITTINGS FROM 15MM TO 50MM. The upvc fittings can be classified into THREE categories.

  • Solvent weld socketed fittings
  • Threaded fittings with plastic threads
  • Threaded fittings with brass inserts






This system is designed for normal water application and an ideal solution for potable water distribution, plumbing and water supply in residential and industrial buildings. it can be used for uptake lines, downtake lines and loops on the terrace, water distribution mains, industrial process lines, sugar, paper and distillery industry and aggressive/corrosive fluid transportation. Beside extensive saving over G.I. vertex upvc high pressure plumbing system endowed with following multiple advantages.

  • Stronger, resilient and longer lasting
    • This system is highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile and impact strength. Moreover it is free from weaknesses caused by rusting, weathering and chemical action, and hence lasts for a life time.
  • Mechanical properties
    • The PVC pipes are relatively more flexible. They have adequate tensile strength and even burst strength to withstand the operating pressures encountered in most service conditions, within the acceptable range of temperature for the system. External shocks or impacts that could cause failure in more rigid materials, can be absorbed by the system, with little or no damage.
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
    • This system is free from corrosion and has excellent resistance to great number of chemicals like strong mineral acids, alkalis, salts as well as to a large number of organic solvents.
  • Light weight
    • Being light in weight (1/8th the weight of metal piping), these pipes are easy to handle, transport and install.
  • Simple and leak proof joints
    • Jointing can be done speedily with the special solvent cement supplied by the company which ensures 100% leak proof joints.
  • Most suitable for carrying drinking water
    • Being non metallic this system is free from corrosion chemical action, and negative biological effects, hence absolutely safe for carrying potable water.
  • Optimum flow rates
    • Mirror-smooth inside surface ensures high flow rates and low frictional losses. This system is free from rusting, pitting and offers good resistant to scale formation.
  • Piping system integrity
    • vertex upvc pipes with a large range of fittings. This implies a complete system solution made of the same material.
  • Maintenance free
    • Being free from rusting, pitting or scaling, and galvanic or electrolytic corrosion, supreme aqua gold system is free from maintenance.
  • Overall Economy
    • Due to light weight and simple joining technique, it saves cost not only on material but also on transportation and installation.

VERTEX manufactures lead free uPVC PIPES & FITTINGS .
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